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2010 – The year … we lost contact

WB! Um ... hello? Guys? You guys still out there? Well, I honestly can't blame you if you're not. After all, this seriously unannounced one year sabbatical happened rather unexpectedly.

So Biek ... gone for a year, have you? Well no, not really. Not actually gone as in no longer being there. I've just been pretty bus ... okay, I'll admit, It looks like I've just been tremendously lazy, but, even though there have definitely been moments of those, that's not the whole truth. Things, you know, 'stuff' happened, which shifted my attention to other facets of life. Like what? Well like classic race events, rally cars and, well, girls to be honest.

'Ah', I hear some of you shout in excitement, 'finally'! Well, now that I've got your full attention again, please allow me to get you guys up to speed on what I did in twenty-ten. The shortest possible version is that I've bought me a few extra cars and that I've met the most wonderful girl anyone could ever wish for.

But wait, hang on! I'll give you a longer version as well in the upcoming few weeks. Over time, I will update you guys on the past year. Even though I haven't been writing posts visible to the lot of you, I actually have well over ten thousand words of drafts ready to unleash. So stick around and you'll be fully up to date in a matter of weeks.

So again, welcome back to you my trusty followers, I hope you'll enjoy this bit of not so recent history.  Let's have at it!

Ps.: Oh, and a very happy New Year to you all of course. :-)

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