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One man leaving

In a conversation with Geralt he has let us know that he’ll be leaving the company. Unfortunately, he still has tremendous trouble coping with the hectic day to day basis on the Servicedesk, and he doesn’t see himself adjusting as much as needed to be able to sustain his tasks.

Sad to see him go, I had really hoped that this would be a good spot for him. Sadly, though, you never know these things up front.

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Helping out

Bas and I went over to his parents’ house to have a look at their internet/network configuration. They were having a few troubles with it, but don’t really know what’s what, so the two of us had a look. Wasn’t actually too confusing in the end, the benefit of old(er) houses is that you can usually spot the wires running up and down the wall easily enough, which makes following them around the house a simple task.

Still, it took us a little puzzling before knowing what was what ourselves, but we were able to solve the issue in the end and got rewarded with coffee. :-)

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