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2010 – The year … we lost contact

WB! Um ... hello? Guys? You guys still out there? Well, I honestly can't blame you if you're not. After all, this seriously unannounced one year sabbatical happened rather unexpectedly.

So Biek ... gone for a year, have you? Well no, not really. Not actually gone as in no longer being there. I've just been pretty bus ... okay, I'll admit, It looks like I've just been tremendously lazy, but, even though there have definitely been moments of those, that's not the whole truth. Things, you know, 'stuff' happened, which shifted my attention to other facets of life. Like what? Well like classic race events, rally cars and, well, girls to be honest.

'Ah', I hear some of you shout in excitement, 'finally'! Well, now that I've got your full attention again, please allow me to get you guys up to speed on what I did in twenty-ten. The shortest possible version is that I've bought me a few extra cars and that I've met the most wonderful girl anyone could ever wish for.

But wait, hang on! I'll give you a longer version as well in the upcoming few weeks. Over time, I will update you guys on the past year. Even though I haven't been writing posts visible to the lot of you, I actually have well over ten thousand words of drafts ready to unleash. So stick around and you'll be fully up to date in a matter of weeks.

So again, welcome back to you my trusty followers, I hope you'll enjoy this bit of not so recent history.  Let's have at it!

Ps.: Oh, and a very happy New Year to you all of course. :-)

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Happy New Year

All the best wishes for 2010 and may you live out a dream or two.

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Santa Biek

Confusing title, eh? I know, but I won't go into detail here. Those involved know who they are and I'll leave you with telling that this is one of the best, if not thé best Christmas ever.

Have a nice Christmas folks. All of you ... ;-)

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Not too bad

Today I was mostly at Houten where the expo will be held from tomorrow on until Saturday. My primary task was to hook up all PC's and fine tune them for the expo tomorrow.

Last year getting everything to work was a disaster. While the first customers were already on our stand, I was still running around getting every screen to work and display its presentation properly. A nightmare.

So, having learned from that experience, it was decided that I was to go there in the morning prior to the opening day so we had a little more time preparing the lot to work.

And that strategy worked much, much better. When I first got there I wasn't all that happy because there wasn't a cable in sight and the place where I was to set up the PC's was almost impossible to get into, especially with my back still acting up from last week. But while I was unpacking the rest, cables appeared out of nowhere and before I knew it a few guys had already laid them throughout the stand, leaving me to hook up the PC's and setting up the screen. Nice work!

In the evening the rest of the company joined us over there to help finishing up the stand, giving it the final touch. Most of them were helping out, apart from a few individuals who had clearly decided that they were much better in looking on and pointing out what needed to be done. Sad figures. I guess it's at moment like these when someone's true nature comes 'shining' through.

Anyway, when all was done we then each got a preparation on who was to do what during the expo. I was pretty glad we didn't have that guru we had last year and that the overall spirit of the expo was a lot more relaxed than last year.

When all that was settled we all went for a nice meal after which I hitched a ride home with the other Volvo driving colleague and didn't stop walking until I felt my bed beneath me. Completely busted and the expo hasn't even began properly ...

Let's hope the next two days are kind to me ...

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Missed day one …

Well, that didn't go well. Somehow I did something wrong with my schedule and completely messed up the appointments. Supposedly I had been scheduled to join the first day of the customer week too but I kind of messed up that plan and went straight to work.

Not a very good move on my behalf. If anything, though, having a normal working day did help clearing my head a little. Work does that for me, it's great to hide what's going on while being at it. My little hiding place. :-)

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Not in the mood

Tomorrow the week with customer days starts at work and in all honesty I which we could reschedule the lot of them. With Zippo dying on my last Friday and the burial of my uncle later that day my head really isn't up to being all friendly with the customers yet. I think I'll dive in early today and hope that a good nights rest will clear my head a bit.

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R.I.P. Zippo

I don't know what to say really. My little yellow feathered friend Zippo is no longer with me. I just woke up, at around two a.m., and went downstairs to get me some aspirin.

When I walked passed the home of Zippo and Otto I noticed Otto sitting very low in it which is unusual since the birds normally go up to the highest branch to sleep. So I looked inside to find out if anything was wrong with Otto only to see that it wasn't him but Zippo how had trouble.

Poor Zippo was sitting on the bottom, all tucked in, and wasn't moving at all. In order to see if he was maybe just sleeping (he does have a history of sleeping while laying down) I pat his head but he didn't move anything more than just his eyes to look at me.

So I picked him up and he didn't look well at all. His left claw was almost stiff and he could barely keep his balance anymore. I grabbed a large cup and filled it with some hand warm water. Then I lowered him into it, allowing him to drink and warm up a bit but although he did drink a little help was already too late and he died in my hands no longer than five minutes later.

I'm still completely broken up by watching that little fellow die in front of me without being able to do anything about it.

Rest in peace little guy, you were a hell of a lot of fun to have around.

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You look great

There are days when my body feels like a cheap car: on the outside nothing appears to be wrong, but on the inside all sorts of things are either on the brink of braking down, or already just passed that point. The trouble with both those cars and myself is, that people who don't know what they are looking at will often judge us wrongly.

Over the past two weeks I've had a few people, who given the above stated clearly don't know me very well, come up to me and tell me that they thought I looked better than usual. And the irony of it all is that when that's the case, my actual physical status is usually just the other way around.

So what do you tell them? The truth, and by doing so you basically tell them 'hey, you think you know me, but you really don't.'. Or do you lie politely and leave it at that because it's easier, it saves you the trouble of explaining things and you won't hurt anyone's feelings but your own ...

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