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One man leaving

In a conversation with Geralt he has let us know that he’ll be leaving the company. Unfortunately, he still has tremendous trouble coping with the hectic day to day basis on the Servicedesk, and he doesn’t see himself adjusting as much as needed to be able to sustain his tasks.

Sad to see him go, I had really hoped that this would be a good spot for him. Sadly, though, you never know these things up front.

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Second interview

Today we had that kid from last week over for his second interview and that too went rather well. We’ll take him in for the Servicedesk team and will start training and breaking him in.

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Another new guy

Apparently, one of the people at our service branch (the outdoor service department) had over to interview as mechanic looked like having more to bring to the table and did a kind of try out at the Servicedesk yesterday afternoon.

He’s an ok guy, good sense of humor and keen to get going. We’ve given him the okay from the Servicedesk, so we’ll see if he makes it to our team or not. That’s up to management now.

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Job interviews

No no, not to worry. It wasn’t for me, I still have my job. And it's a good job, so I'm planning on keeping it. :-)

The interviews were for the new Servicedesk employee we’re looking for at work, and since I’m now more or less the one that runs the SD it’s my task to interview and select the right person.

By request, Hans joined me for the interviews and it was good to see we both looked at different aspects of the people we had coming over. It also kind of proved my point that I needed some assistance in that field. In the end we agreed that there really was only one suitable guy among them so we’re having him over for a second meet soon.

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New Year’s diner work

We went to the Wijnfort with work to enter the New Year in style. It was an okay place, though I guess that if you drink you could have had a little more fun than I did. Some people couldn’t keep measure though, and drank too much. If there is one thing I just can’t stand its people going way over the edge because it is free or on someone else’s tab. Losers.

Most of the evening I spend talking with a colleague and his ex (but luckily not so ex at the moment) wife, who are both very nice folk.

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