Find the value of y for which quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram. 11. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Geo 8.4 & 8.5 Properties of Traps, Kites, Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares.notebook 4 Dec 1­2:28 PM Example 4: The diagonals of square DEFG intersect at H. (corresponding angles on parallel lines) If the base is x, Then. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. • diagonal, p. 507 • parallelogram, p. 515 • rhombus, p. 533 • rectangle, p. 533 • square, p. 533 • trapezoid, p. 542 bases, base angles, legs • isosceles trapezoid, p. 543 • midsegment of a trapezoid, p. 544 • kite, p. 545 KEY VOCABULARY Now You can use properties of … Similar Questions. Name each quadrilateral — parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square — for which the statement is true. 23. parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square 24. rhombus, square 13. by Jennifer Kahle. The diagonals of rectangle QRST intersect at P. Given that mZPTS = 34° and QS = 10 , find mZQRT. 38. 25. Sometimes; diagonals are perpendicular if the rectangle is a square. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Diagonals of Quadrilaterals -- Perpendicular, Bisecting or Both. 25. A rhombus is a rectangle. 11. A C 3y x8 1048 y1 8 D B 27. rhombus with diagonals SA and TR intersecting at E. TE=5z+5. • This bisects the angle of 34, and you should be able to see that the diagonal makes an angle of 17 degrees with the base. In the figure above, click 'reset'. The diagonals of a quadrilateral ABCD intersect at P. If AB∥CD and AB ≅ CD, which additional statements shows that ABCD is a rhombus? Get the answers you need, now! All in centimeters Triangle (sides) PQ: (x-3) PR: (3x-5) QR: (4x+3) Rectangle (sides) AB: (2x+2) BC: (4x - 1/2) [AB is longer than BC] a. Geometry The point of intersection of the diagonals of a rectangle … 2y1 1 (4 x1 7)8 (5 x2 6)8 y1 3 E F H G 30. Explain your reasoning. Other names for quadrilateral include quadrangle (in analogy to triangle), tetragon (in analogy to pentagon, 5-sided polygon, and hexagon, 6-sided polygon), and 4-gon (in analogy to k-gons for arbitrary values of k).A quadrilateral with vertices , , and is sometimes denoted as . A quadrilateral is a polygon in Euclidean plane geometry with four edges (sides) and four vertices (corners). If ae =2x+6 and bd =6x-10 find ac . The diagonals bisect opposite angles. Your IP: 29. It … USING PROPERTIES Name each quadrilateral—parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square—for which the statement is true. The diagonals of kite KITE intersect at point P. If m