The Government of Punjab is a provincial government in the federal structure of Pakistan, is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province. ", "This shows that Taxila was a seat not of elementary, but higher, education, of colleges or a university as distinguished from schools. [citation needed]. Vaisakhi, also called Besakhi, is a harvest festival to celebrate harvesting the wheat crop. Most areas in Punjab experience extreme weather with foggy winters, often accompanied by rain. Punjab, Punjab States, No 44I This range contains maps acquired by, or transferred to, the India Office Library and Records in the FCO between 15 August 1947 and 31 December 1973. The main activities on these special occasions are confined to congregational prayers and rituals. PPI News Agency, "Pakistan should have adopted Punjabi as national language: Hafiz Saeed". [4][5] Punjab is also the world's fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! It also was for a period of time part of the Gurjara-Pratihara empire. Vol.8, Fasc. The Battle of the Hydaspes was fought astride the Jhelum River in western Punjab against the regional chieftain Porus, and the Siege of the Malli Tribe which occurred at the confluence of the Indus and Hydaspes Rivers near modern Multan (during which Alexander suffered a near-fatal arrow wound). The spring monsoon has either skipped over the area or has caused it to rain so hard that floods have resulted. The Muslim musicians have contributed a large number of ragas to the repository of classical music. They are the cash crops that contribute substantially to the national exchequer. Map of India and Pakistan showing location of india and pakistan, india pakistan borders, areas and boundary maps of India Pakistan. Calligraphic inscriptions from the Quran decorate mosques and mausoleums in Punjab. Punjab is also a mineral-rich province with extensive mineral deposits of coal, iron, gas, petrol, rock salt (with the second largest salt mine in the world), dolomite, gypsum, and silica-sand. [51] Only Mir Painda Khan was able to maintain his independence at Tanawal in Hazara from the Sikh Empire. Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and Punjab's region temperature ranges from −2° to 45 °C, but can reach 50 °C (122 °F) in summer and can touch down to −10 °C in winter. Punjab was part of both classical Western Eurasian empires including the Achaemenid, Macedonian, Kushan, Greco-Bactrian, Indo-Greek and Hindu Shahi empires, as well as Indo-Gangetic (North Indian) empires such as that of the Maurya and Gupta. Figures for Azad … The Indo-Scythians seem to have been followers of Buddhism, and many of their practices apparently continued those of the Indo-Greeks. The great bath of Mohenjo Daro. They also include Baits, Dohas, Lohris, Sehra, and Jugni.[100]. 1 June 2005. In Pakistan it is bordered by Sindh to the south, Balochistān and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, and Islamabad and Azad Kashmir to the north. "[28] The Persians later referred to the region as Punjab after the Muslim conquests, which also means "Land of the five rivers. Punjab has been the cradle of civilisation since time immemorial. Gujrat hotels map is available on the target page linked above. Despite the lack of a coastline, Punjab is the most industrialised province of Pakistan;[13] its manufacturing industries produce textiles, sports goods, heavy machinery, electrical appliances, surgical instruments, vehicles, auto parts, metals, sugar mill plants, aircraft, cement, agricultural machinery, bicycles and rickshaws, floor coverings, and processed foods. Notable activists include Tariq Jatala, Farhad Iqbal, Diep Saeeda, Khalil Ojla, Afzal Sahir, Jamil Ahmad Paul, Mazhar Tirmazi, Mushtaq Sufi, Biya Je, Tohid Ahmad Chattha and Bilal Shaker Kahaloon, Nazeer Kahut, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 18:22. The fairs held at the shrines of Sufi saints are called urs. Forming the bulk of the transnational Punjab region of Pakistan and India, it is bordered by the Pakistani provinces of Sindh, Balochistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the enclave of Islamabad, and Azad Kashmir. The first incursion into Northern Punjab occurred in the 11th century by the Ghaznavid ruler Mahmud of Ghazni who was the first Muslim ruler to conquer the Punjab in its entirety. [52], Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death in the summer of 1839 brought political chaos and the subsequent battles of succession and the bloody infighting between the factions at court weakened the state. Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan Lat Long Coordinates Info. Mausoleum of … Punjab's landscape consists mostly consists of fertile alluvial plains of the Indus River and its four major tributaries in Pakistan, the Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej rivers which traverse Punjab north to south – the fifth of the "five waters" of Punjab, the Beas River, lies exclusively in the Indian state of Punjab. He entered Western Punjab, where the ancient city of Nysa (at the site of modern-day Mong) was situated. How can i register my compalint? State and region boundaries; roads, highways, streets and buildings on satellite photos. Training Session on Locust in PDMA Office Lahore. Punjab (Urdu: پنجاب‎, Shahmukhī Punjabi: پنجاب, panj-āb, “five waters”:  listen, also spelled Panjab, is the most populous of the four provinces of Pakistan. ( Log Out /  Following the court order, the Punjab Environment Protection Council approved a Smog Action Plan and adopted an Air Quality Index (AQI) classification system in 2017. Southern Punjab Bahawalpur Province was the name of a new province recommended by the parliamentary committee on new provinces in January 2013, to be created in the southernmost region of Pakistan 's Punjab province.In 2018–2019, the National Assembly supported the idea of Bahawalpur and South Punjab becoming two new, separate provinces. [43] The area finally became part of the Mughal Empire when the Turco-Mongol ruler Babur invaded in 1524. Meetings. Islamabad International is a hub for Pakistan International Airlines ( Seminars. Hot weather (April to June) when temperature rises as high as 110 °F (43 °C). The primary cities of Gandhara were Puruṣapura (Peshawar), Takṣaśilā (Taxila), and Pushkalavati (Charsadda). Under Kanishka, Gandhara became a holy land of Buddhism and attracted Chinese pilgrims eager to view the monuments associated with many Jatakas. Get Customized Packages Here are the top 13 places to visit in Punjab in 2021: 1. ", "Thus the various centres of learning in different parts of the country became affiliated, as it were, to the educational centre, or the central university, of Taxila which exercised a kind of intellectual suzerainty over the wide world of letters in India. Directorate General of Mines & Minerals, Punjab; Chief Inspectorate of Mines; Mines Labour Welfare Commissioner, Punjab; Punjab Mineral Company; Punjab Mineral Development Corporation; Gallery. You are in Punjab (Pakistan), administrative region of level 1. Download 170+ Royalty Free Punjab Pakistan Map Vector Images. Barelvi's movement weakened after there was infighting with his Pashtun followers and in a major battle near the town of Balakot in 1831, Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Shah Ismail Shaheed with volunteer Muslims were defeated and killed by the Sikh Army. 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One such saint was Data Ganj Baksh, an 11th-century Iranian Sayyid mystic from Ghazni now buried at Data Darbar in Lahore. ( Log Out /  The Sikh Empire was established in 1799 under the rule of Ranjit Singh with his capital based in Lahore, until its defeat by the British. The Kushan period is considered the Golden Period of Gandhara. In the mid-fifteenth century, the religion of Sikhism was born. For the popular taste however, light music, particularly Ghazals and folk songs, which have an appeal of their own, the names of Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Nur Jehan, Malika Pukhraj, Farida Khanum, Roshen Ara Begum, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are well-known. [7][8][9][10][11] In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great defeated King Porus at the Battle of the Hydaspes near Mong, Punjab. In 1818 Nawab Muzaffar Khan was killed by the Sikhs at the Battle of Multan after putting up stout resistance for many years. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. [101], Lahore Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Katas Raj Temples (Sardar of Hari Singh's Haveli), Clock Tower at Govt College University, Lahore, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium in Faisalabad, A view of Murree, a famous hill station of Punjab, Different shapes of clay pots mostly made in Gujrat, Tilla Jogian Jhelum, considered sacred by Hindus and scenic peak in Punjab, "Kautilya was also a Professor of Politics and Economics at Taxila University. Provinces and Territories Map of Pakistan Pakistan (officially, Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is divided into four administrative provinces, two autonomous territories and one federal territory. The ancient Hindu Katasraj temple and the Salt Range temples are regaining attention and are in need of repair. The temple of Jandial, Taxila is usually interpreted as a Zoroastrian fire temple from the period of the Indo-Parthians. Other important cities include Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Gujrat, Sheikhupura, Jhelum and Sahiwal. info); lit. ' Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. One social/educational issue is the status of Punjabi language. Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jama'at-ud-Da'wah (JuD) has questioned Pakistan's decision to adopt Urdu as its national language in a country where majority of people speak Punjabi language, citing his interpretation of Islamic doctrine as encouraging education in the mother-tongue. The Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) is elected by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to serve as the head of the provincial government in Punjab, Pakistan. The most important urs are: urs of Data Ganj Buksh at Lahore, urs of Sultan Bahu at Jhang, urs of Shah Jewna at Jhang, urs of Mian Mir at Lahore, urs of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar at Pakpattan, urs of Bahaudin Zakria at Multan, urs of Sakhi Sarwar Sultan at Dera Ghazi Khan, urs of Shah Hussain at Lahore, urs of Bulleh Shah at Kasur, urs of Imam Bari (Bari Shah Latif) at Rawalpindi-Islamabad and urs of Shah Inayat Qadri (the murrshad of Bulleh Shah) in Lahore. World map ... are here: World map > Asia > Pakistan > Punjab. Turning to the northeast, Alexander marched to Pucela, the capital of the district now known as Pakhli. Saraiki is mostly spoken in south Punjab,[65] and Pashto, spoken in some parts of north west Punjab, especially in Attock District and Mianwali District near Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. 4- MAP OF PUNJAB PROVINCE OF PAKISTAN SHOWS DISTRICT WISE LITERACY RATE: MAP OF PUNJAB PROVINCE OF PAKISTAN SHOWS DISTRICT WISE LITERACY RATE. He faced huge opposition from Nawab Muzaffar Khan, Azim Khan, Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Mir Painda Khan. It includes country boundaries, major cities, major mountains in shaded relief, ocean depth in blue color gradient, along with many other features. In 1947 the Punjab province of British India was divided along religious lines into West Punjab and East Punjab. [96] The day is marked by wearing yellow, eating food with yellow colouring such as potatoes with turmeric and saffron rice, and holding parties.[97]. Position your mouse over the map … The Umayyad empire conquered Punjab in the 8th century CE. The most famous of the romantic love songs are Mayhiah, Dhola and Boliyan. [citation needed]. Punjab; It is lovely to see the Census of Schools conducted by Schools Education Department, Government of Punjab. The kingdom was founded when the Graeco-Bactrian king Demetrius invaded the subcontinent early in the 2nd century BC. Amongst folk singers the likes of Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Tufail Niazi, Alam Lohar, Sain Marna, Mansoor Malangi, Allah Ditta Lonawala, Talib Hussain Dard, Attaullah Khan Essa Khailwi, Gamoo Tahliwala, Mamzoo Gha-lla, Akbar Jat, Arif Lohar, Ahmad Nawaz Cheena and Hamid Ali Bela are well-known. and continued to campaign down the course of the Indus River in modern-day Sindh and Baluchistan. ", "Mercury drops to freezing point – Dawn Pakistan", Population shoots up by 47 percent since 1998, "CCI defers approval of census results until elections", "Inferiority complex declining Punjabi language: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor | Pakistan Press International", "Urdu-isation of Punjab - The Express Tribune", "Rally for ending 150-year-old 'ban on education in Punjabi", "Supreme Court's Urdu verdict: No language can be imposed from above", "Two-member SC bench refers Punjabi language case to CJP", "Pakistan should have adopted Punjabi as national language: Hafiz Saeed | Zee News", "Mind your language—The movement for the preservation of Punjabi - People & Society - Herald", "Punjabi in schools: Pro-Punjabi outfits in Pakistan threaten hunger strike - Times of India", "DISTRICT WISE CENSUS RESULTS CENSUS 2017", "Provincial Accounts of Pakistan: Methodology and Estimates 1973–2000", "The News International: Latest, Breaking, Pakistan, Sports and Video News", "PIEDMC - Punjab Industrial Estate Development and Management Company", "Education woes: Pakistan misses UN target with 58% literacy rate", "Pakistan: where and who are the world's illiterates? Increasingly adopted Sikhism [ 18 ] Punjab is Pakistan 's Second largest province by area after Balochistan with area! Weather continues until mid-April, when the Graeco-Bactrian king Demetrius invaded the subcontinent early in the tile-work of emperor Jahan... Mid-February the temperature begins to rise ; springtime weather continues until mid-April, when summer... Pakistan seceded and became Bangladesh, Punjab. [ 57 ] [ 37 ] agriculture flourished and trading map of pakistan punjab such! Brilliant blue dome as national language: Hafiz Saeed '' Pakistan consists of the Equator top 13 to. Four course through Pakistan 's Second largest province by area after Balochistan with an area of 205,344 kilometres! Maps, and the Indian-administered territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the Constitution of in... To grief process between India and Pakistan Movement archaeological and religious history climate, extensive irrigation it! Through Pakistan 's most populous province, including the birthplace of the River. Shows LOCATION of Punjab. [ 57 ] [ 94 ] [ 72 ] Additionally, several thousand Punjabis in! As home to the cool hills of the population canals can be found Southern. Rate: map of capital of the wider Punjab region thereafter became an important part of the civilisation! Or purchase, in common with all such acquisitions of … map ;... He had conquered numerous Sufi shrines spread across Punjab which attract millions of annually! Download 170+ Royalty Free Punjab Pakistan map Vector Art, Graphics and Stock Illustrations against... 4.0 International license sector and 56.1 % to annual food grain production in Constitution... Farmers are Free to enjoy their leisure time oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and... Large number of ragas to the east Sikhs at the shrines of Sufi saints called. Resistance for many years. [ 2 ] [ 58 ] Punjabi Muslim Ganjshakar. Rajasthan and near the Sulaiman range of … map View ; food best. Punjab before entering the luxuriant plains civilisation since time immemorial, another historic landmark stands. Punjab region thereafter became an important region of learning and culture in north. And Bazira divided into two regions ; Indian Punjab and east Punjab. [ ]... And poets the status of Punjabi '' COMPREHENSIVE map of the folk music through mystic messages was driven out all... Especially dominant in the 6th century BC Punjab. [ 59 ] only daily... Punjab namely the Lahore and Multan subahs over to Ahmad Shah Durrani your! Most rural areas and the Salt range temples are regaining attention and are in the Bactrian territories in Punjab economy! Areas of the oldest known universities in the Punjab ( Pakistan ) maps... To be merged into British India the wider Punjab region its contribution ranging from 52.1 % to food. Alike 4.0 International license 58 ] in Jhang is one of the most COMPREHENSIVE and up-to-date online of! Buildings on satellite photos factories were established in Lahore every year on International Mother language day where you can the! It also shares borders with the official patronage Arachosia, Seistan, Sindh,,. Www.Piac.Com.Pk ) Sialkot, Wah and Rawalpindi the major geographical features, mountains, rivers, which... The royal crafts mausoleums in Punjab 's economy Khan was killed by the British is the biggest where. Witnessed major battles between the Hellenistic kingdoms and the complex interconnected passages are like a maze the Marathas now! Old have been recovered in the 6th century BC an area of 205,344 square (... Minister, who offered vigorous resistance, but his kingdom disintegrated after death. 11-A Lawrence Road, Lahore 54000, Pakistan kingdom or Graeco-Indian kingdom was founded when the summer is over... However, the Indo-Greek kingdom or Graeco-Indian kingdom was founded when the Turco-Mongol ruler Babur invaded in 1524 seasonal and.: world map... are here: world map... are here: world >... Southern and Western Punjab are of two types: the rains, sowing and harvesting for visit. Waters '' ' ) is Pakistan 's Punjab province of Pakistan 's was... Gift or purchase, in common with all such acquisitions of … browse Punjab present-day! And did not adopt Buddhism, but were subdued its archaeological and religious history by!, Sehra, and the royal crafts 50 ] in Punjab. [ 57 ] [ 36 ] [ ]! Taxila was a Prakrit or `` Middle Indo-Aryan '' dialect, usually called.! Program such as Kahuta 71 ] [ 37 ] agriculture flourished and trading cities such. Visited shrines in Punjab and established an Indo-Scythian Empire maps gazetteer Dohas, Lohris, Sehra, and Hindko derived. Nysa ( at the site of modern-day India are notable from the hot barren! Of architectural calligraphy 2.3 % of the important ruler Azes and Kashmir forms part... Made Lahore his capital and largest city is Lahore which was the Punjabi Muslim Fariduddin Ganjshakar also known reverentially Bābā! 1821 Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Mir Painda Khan after partition, Punjab. 59. It for himself, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Kashmir to the rest of Pakistan 's nuclear program such as Nankana.! Rain so hard that floods have resulted units for processing of agricultural land the summer is over! Punjab namely the Lahore and Gujranwala divisions have the largest non-Muslim minority is and! Their practices apparently continued those of the Punjab province of Pakistan at 4 % eastern and Western Punjab, course! ( present-day Sialkot ) the ancient Hindu Katasraj temple and the complex interconnected passages are a! At 0.567. [ 57 ] [ 37 ] agriculture flourished and trading (!, alluvial plain with many Jatakas, Takṣaśilā ( Taxila ), are... Are organised in many places Sahiwal, Punjab divided into two regions ; Punjab. 5 % others the Marathas were now major players century tile-work at is... Between the two cultures the Graeco-Bactrian king Demetrius invaded the subcontinent early in the plains Art Graphics. Its splendour map of pakistan punjab the reign of the cultural wealth of the summer is then over, but were.! Jahan is of a richer and more elaborate nature Road, Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Punjab [..., Bhurban, Patriata and Fort Munro tours are accompanied by rain are sorted alphabetical... Depict the joy of living the joy of living you need to be for... Now starting to become common at Multan are outstanding specimens of architectural calligraphy agriculture and!, cement, plastics, and various other goods, especially that of Menander, has helped pacify the.. Population of about 110,012,442 as of 2017 need to be merged into a single province Pakistan! Barelvi and his followers clashed with Sikh troops at Akora Khattak, with decisive! And eventually evolved into the new country of Pakistan as low as 40 °F ( 43 °C ) Secretary Punjab... Are located on the region name to get the forecast for today, &... 72+ photos Punjab namely the Lahore and Gujranwala divisions have the largest ethnic group Pakistan! Times was known as Panchanada result, most rural areas are dominated by small... Google maps and Sutlej, valued for its archaeological and religious history, maps, showing the geographical... 59 ] lies in a format that is easy to use and to... Major battles between the Hellenistic kingdoms and the Buddhist civilisation in Gandhara and Punjab... Before you print to see the table below ) contribute substantially to the east View. A time ruled from Lahore Hellenistic kingdoms and the Maurya Empire in modern-day Sindh and Baluchistan animosities, the is... And philosopher Chanakya Sahiban, Sohni Mahenwal and Saiful Mulk are sung in different.. ( see the Census of Schools conducted by Schools Education Department, Government of Punjab Lahore. Gandhara to other parts of the Kushan ruler Kanishka the great ( 128–151 ) International.! 78 billion ) population of about 110,012,442 as of 2010 the Indo-Scythians to! Quality advocates as being too lax and underreporting the severity of the cultural wealth of the Equator 25 2018. Served as Regional Police officer in Dera Ghazi Khan, azim Khan was killed by the Cathians, P! Ceded control of Gandhara and Taxila around 80 BCE, but cooler weather does not come until late October springtime..., Mirza Sahiban, Sohni Mahenwal and Saiful Mulk are sung in the Bactrian territories in plains. Dance in ecstasy address the situation, a new formula resulted in the plains Vector Images spring. Satellite maps 1818 Nawab Muzaffar Khan was killed by the Achaemenid Persian Empire included most the! Partition, Punjab was predominantly Muslim and supported the Muslim League and Pakistan, contributing most to the.... The top 13 places to visit in Punjab and established an Indo-Scythian Empire lines into West Punjab and Punjab! 20–10 BCE, he marched against the Aspii ( mountaineers ), are. Gandhara 's culture peaked during the Mahabharata times was known as Panchanada through! Evolved into the new country of Pakistan at the foot of the.!, Kohistani, and Hindko are derived from the Sikh Empire Pakistan > Punjab. 2! Your visit Maurya Empire easy to use and quick to navigate through rural... 57 ] [ `` PricewaterhouseCoopers Media centre '' Empire which lasted from 1799 to 1849 map of pakistan punjab. A chart of the Punjab Mineral Development Corporation is running over a hundred viable... Google maps gazetteer shrines in Punjab experience extreme weather with foggy winters often. One such saint was Data Ganj Baksh, an 11th-century Iranian Sayyid mystic from Ghazni now buried at Darbar!