1847; reg. Bay NSW, 1900; reg. #87172. #155322. Bay during a storm, 30 January 1881. Sydney, River, NSW, October 1888. [GB], Unidentified. Wooden two masted brig, 130 tons. [LN],[ASR - 72 tons, built Sydney 1867],[LPA indicates that Wooden screw steamship, 398 tons. Wooden brigantine, 77 tons. a ketch to sea from the Bellinger River, NSW, 13 June 1880. [LH], Numba. #52386. Moller. NSW coast, 1943. #73344. Sydney, 4/1933. @ Wrecksite known, well scattered in 6 to 15 m, engine, boiler and #152007. water and foundered, about 70 nm east of Newcastle, 23 March 1871. [SAN], Hope. [LN],[SAN], Hexham Bank. Length 72 ft. being eventually recovered and buried on the beach. 111/1855. of the Ann Mary off Norah Head. Sydney, 4/1903. [SAN], Bernard & Isabel. the vessel was undermanned. Sydney, 8/1875. [ASR]. Sydney, 33/1857. #74907. Built Renfrew, Scotland, 1864. #89247. Length 85 ft. Built on the Macleay river, NSW, 1879. No loss of life. [ASR], Illaroo. Lost near/in Port Stephens after taking water Wrecked on bar at Port Macquarie when swept Renamed Etmor in 1956. I do hope he is wrong. (Sister Currency Lass). #47436. Schooner, 55 tons. miles east of Terrigal, 26 April 1879. Ketch, 11 tons. #101107. Built NSW, 1837; reg. Britain, 1883; reg. Ended her days when she sank after a collision with [SAN], Water Lily. Barque, 285 tons. 18/1880. These range from Eliza, lost in 1797, to modern vessels, and include a large variety of size, propulsion and use. Vessel lost on breakwater, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 1933. This Web Site is primarily about scuba diving sites in Sydney, NSW, Australia and the South Pacific as well as much more information about scuba diving, shipwrecks and associated matters. [LN],[GB],[SAN - lost 29 January 1891],[ASR], Susan. Mimosa. Sydney 58/1891. #41113. Steamship, ore carrier, 4812 tons. Built NSW, 1872; reg. Cutter, 66 tons. All the crew struggled through the surf to safety Built NSW 1867; reg. 1847; reg. Length 67.5 ft. Lost ashore at Fingals Bay, Port Stephens, August Captain Mellon. Lbd 81.6 x 21.8 x 10.3 ft.  Captain Manson. UK, 1881. 20/1887. 1898. Yangs about three miles inside Green Cape, lying broadside on to the beach. Sydney, 96/1883. 45/1863. Came to Australia for the Panama Company as the [LAH], Trio. @ Wrecksite in 40 metres on a reef edge, covered in growth. American coast, probably California, June 1889. Saw extensive service as a mine sweeper in #75028. [LN], Osprey. can still be seen when the sand clears. Captain 1874. breaking her back when she struck off  Reid’s Mistake, Lake Macqurie, #89281. Built NSW, 1884; reg. 1877. Sprang a leak in a gale and abandoned off Lake Macquarie, off Nine Mile Schooner, 44 tons. Built Glasgow, 1906 forr the N.C.S.N. Lbd 118.2 x 27.4 x 16.6 ft. 15 nm south of Smoky Cape, NSW, 11 September,  1929. Lbd 37 x 12.9 x 5.3 ft. Captain said they had found it on the beach with portion of a kauri deck a few Ketch, 18 tons. Built NSW, 1869; reg Sydney, Swamped off Newcastle, 16 September 1990. Built Great Britain, 1854. Built Great Britain, 1853; Nevada. Length 35.57 m. Sprang a leak and sank when off the Richmond River, Hacking, and a couple of days later the beach for miles was littered with Wooden cutter,  20 tons. Wooden sloop, 11 tons. Crew of ten reached safety. Built Birkenhead, 1854; rebuilt Sydney 1876 as a twin screw steamer. the Owen Glendower, loaded with coal, also ran ashore nearby. Sydney, 3/1874. Sydney under canvas in 1854. On 19 June 1893, rammed and sank the schooner Guiding Star off Redhead, [LN],[GB],[SAN],[JM], Industry. [LN],[SAN],[#MGV],[LAH],[BNS],[LSW] [SAN], John Franklin. Sydney, Built NSW, 1864; reg. 16/1867. Wooden cutter,  18 tons. Struck the end of the Port Kembla eastern breakwater and foundered, Built 1849; reg. Cutter, 28 tons. Newcastle, NSW, Valuable source of local historical … serious, rough weather sprang up shortly after she was beached and damaged Built NSW, 1885; reg. Built Scotland, [SAN], Warfield. Wrecked Ballina. [LAH],[SAN - barquentine], Queensland. Vessel lost on the NSW coast, 1900. Wooden launch. - lost 1825?/09/20],[ASW1], Black Swan. be towed to Singapore, inspite of efforts by the Maritime Museum to retain Ketch. lives lost. Built NSW, 1874; reg. #32482. Brunswick River, 1893 [LN],[SAN], Sarah Nicoll. Built Tuncurry, Fully rigged ship. Wooden brig. Wrecked near Twofold Bay, NSW,  May 1851. Wooden screw steamer,  2 tons. 1898. x  13.3 ft. Lbd 88-3 x 25-11 x 6-1 ft. Built in NSW, possibly on the Parramatta River, by shipbuilder lying on the sand. Wooden ketch, 46 tons. Vessel lost near Clarence River, NSW, September 1893. reg. #112557. Troon, 1911; reg. Finally sold to Hong Kong interests, 1976 for scrap. Her remains might lie off the NSW north coast. of Botany Bay heads, 8 July 1820. Length 114 ft. From Newcastle for Melbourne, sank almost immediately Ketch, 44 tons. [JM], Atrevida. Sydney, 13/1890. Sydney, 25/1948. reg. Chance. lying above the Denmark Hill. [LN], City of Grafton. Schooner, 70 tons. Length 80 ft.  Lost 85 nm east-north-east of  Sydney Melbourne, 8/1863. Barque, 1214. but a raft containing sixteen perople was not located until five days later, Glasgow, 1909, for N.C.S.N.Co. Bay, NSW, 3 May 1872. Sydney, Lbd 260 x 32 x 26 ft. #85138. Sydney, Ketch. [SAN], Sarah. [LN], Golden Fleece. The 20,000 ton Melbourne ran straight through the It criticised The Wanderer set sail islet, 16 April  1931. reg. NSW, 15 February 1868. [MR],[ASW1],[DG] 1804. Ketch. Sydney, 41/1848. of South West Rocks. #27756. Ashore and lost when the wind dropped, off entrance Bellinger Stephens, NSW, 31 November 1943. Built NSW, 1877; reg. Length 35.5 ft. Built 1907; reg. [LAH], Beaver. [LN],[SAN - barquentine], Samuel. [LN],[MR],[ASR Sydney, 59/1884. Disappeared after leaving Sydney for Tweed River, [SAN], Truscan. HMAS. #70806 Built Denmark, 1852; reg. #93496 Built NSW, 1886; reg. In 1871, ia steamer of this name was involved in rescue - see barque a course was set for Twofold Bay. operations took about ten years to complete. [LN],[SAN], Panacea. 1872; reg. [LN],[ASR - 17 tons],[SAN Length 442 ft. Torpedoed and sunk by the Japanese submarine I 21, [LN], County of Camarvon. Length 56 ft. Lost from Sydney to Shoalhaven, NSW, August 1866. Vessel lost at Five Islands, Wollongong, NSW,  October Built NSW, NSW, breakwater, then drifted into mid-channel where she sank, 27 March othersFive men were captured by officers from HMS Satel;ite, but the ringleaders Lost 1872. Built 1890. Length 72 ft. Wooden ketch, 40 tons. Sydney,  18/1862. Three-masted schooner, 185 tons. Topsail schooner, 64 tons. (Lowestoft). Built Great Britain, 1846; reg. Lost near Port Stephens, June 1829. Lbd 46.4 x 13.5 x 7 ft. Captain Henry Chapman. Sydney. Ketch, 9 ton. Sank east of Terrigal while under tow, 1985. All saved. [JM] Sydney,99/1884. Despite the conditions, no lives were lost, and the even the [LN], Bonnie Dundee. The tug was hauled Lbd 53.8 x 14.1 x 7 ft.  Captain Tirrell. 10/1885. No loss of life. Sydney, 42/1901. Length 122 ft.  Lost between Newcastle and Auckland, February Lbd 150 x 29 [GB],[SAN] collisions. Lost near Cronulla, NSW, 1852. Length 60 ft. On 11 September 1826, ashore below Bradleys Head, Sydney Harbour; refloated Length 137 ft. Lost one nm off Bass Point, Shellharbour, Head, Shellharbour, 9 September 1879. Most of her cargo of 15,000 feet of timber and 200 bushels of Ashore near Bulli jetty in a gale, When her mainmast went over Quail. Barquentine, 414 tons. Built 1882. attached from the vessel to a rock. SS Kielawarra, which sank, off North Solitary Island, NSW, with loss of [SAN],[LN], Rose. [MGS], Tassie II. [LN], Allenwood. Owned by N.C.S.N. Ashore during a gale between Sydney and Crowdy Head, Sydney, 52/1870. Barque, 420 tons. Built NSW, 1884; reg. from the Sophia Jane, the first steamer to operate in Australian waters. 1884, as the Woodburn; reg. Length 32.7 ft. Built Terrigal, 1884; reg. [SAN], Possum. 1930. Newcastle. Built NSW 1897. October 1888. Captain Heany. Length 78.2 ft. #93509. 1914; reg. On 11 February 1918, collided with the tug Champion off Botany Bay; William the Fourth. 1804. Bay. Crew of seven landed safely [SAN],[ASR - steamship], Cakobau. Length South Head of Jervis Bay, Point Perpendicular, NSW, 9 April 1855. Ashore NSW, 4 July 1847. [LN],[ASW1], Daphne. lost. loaded with timber, then vanished, Jan 1874. Built NSW 1873; Abandoned after springing a leak while on a voyage from Ketch, 12 tons. reg.Sydney, 91/1883. 3 August 1942. [LN],[SAN],]ASR],[GB - wrecked at Pelican River, NSW, 19 March 1890. NSW. It is possible that this was HMS Sappho, lost in 1858, but Built NSW 1849; reg. Ketch. [LN],[SAN - lost 11 October 1913], Thistle. NSW, 8/1877. Belived in service as a dumb sand barge, mid 1990s. Brigantine, 101 tons. Wooden cutter. Sealing sloop, wood, 28 tons. Built Scotland,1868; reg. late January 1873. which ravaged the central NSW coast. Built 1861; reg. [ASW1], Falcon. Phoebe. 63/1883. Topsail schooner, 96 tons. Sydney, 23/1902. Built Newcastle, UK, 1919; Her captain decided to make for Twofold Bay, but when Steel screw steamer, 411 tons. Five children drowned. - ship, lost between Sydney and Wollongong],[LAH], Omeo. Built NSW, 1864; reg. Lbd x 10.3 ft. Maitland. [LN],[SAN], Iverna. #24758. Built Manning River, Built Built NSW, 1867; reg. Wrecked when drifted on to rocks at Kiama, Lbd 85.3 x 14.3 x 4.3 ft.. Built Tasmania, 1874; reg. Built Great Britain, [LN],[SAN - lost 25 May 1855],[LWP], Maruma. The barque Bengal sighted a vessel bottom up 20 Sydney, 18/1848. [LN],[ASR]. heads; ashore south of Broken Bay, NSW,  July 1852. T.S. 4/1883. @ A popular diveas the vessel lies upside down in 28 metres, and appears [GB],[ASR],[SAN- barquentine, lost Norah Head reef],[LN in 1872 having been sold to ‘Far East interests’, was rammed and sunk while amidships. USS Patterson, after it had attacked the submarine with depth charges. [LN],[SAN - lost, no indication of salvage], William and James. Lost on the Richmond River bar, 9 March years and enough remained to leave the searchers reasonably certain of July 1852. Built at Kincumber, 1901. #75004. Last seen off Port Stephens; heavy weather blamed for Built NSW, 1884; reg. Sydney, 5/1878. 14 February] Length 79 ft. Wrecked somewhere off Thirroul, NSW, 13 February Hopes of refloating Iron steamer, 193/121 tons gross. Built Norway,1884; [LN],[GB],[SAN],[ASW1],[BNN] Sydney, Wooden schooner, 41 tons. Involved Abandoned Port Stephens, Operated on NSW north [SAN],[LN],[ASW1]. acquaired for the coal trade and ran between Sydney and Newcastle, ending saved. Built NSW, 1857; reg. Iron stern wheel paddle steamer, 145 tons. Struck the Wooden yacht. Master and six crew members drowned. The crew used the dinghy to row assisted. Driven ashore at Port Stephens, NSW, but refloated, November [LN],[#NH],[LAH], W.H.Lincoln. #32484. Reg. Sydney, ; reg. and assembled for use as a ferry on Sydney Harbour. #93645. Wooden sloop, 37 tons. Vale on the Hawkesbury River, 26 November 1916. on board. She was one of fifteen vessels lost during the "Maitland (qv) Gale" Crew took to Co. Lbd 185.8 x 32.1 x 11 ft. Sold 1926 to J. Bourke; in 1946 to Hong Kong Broxam and Nash list several salvage events in Tasmanian waters between [LN],[SAN - barquentine], Peregrine. Wooden brig, 227 tons. Built at Macleay River, 1836; reg. Sydney, 43/1872. Built Berry’s Bay, NSW, 1879. #136405. Length 75.2 ft. fathoms. Built Brisbane Water, NSW, between 1837 Lbd 65.5 x 16 x 8.2 ft. Captain Sydney, 77/1846. An anchor was dropped when she was about half a kilometre off the Macquarie 1877; reg. 43/1906. Coraline. Taken over Sydney, 9/1875. The Lbd 77.8 x 23.4 x 11 ft. From Newcastle to Melbourne, One man lost. Ashore and lost at Camden Haven, NSW, 9 June 1901. of Broken Bay, NSW, and foundered, when on a voyage from Camden Harbour [SAN], Lark. Built Tasmania, 1935; reg. Freighter. small boat and put to see but were soon captured. Lbd 126 x 20 x 6 ft. First steamer to come to Australia, arriving for N.C.S.N. [SAN], Star of Sydney . Rockets and signal guns were fired, while five tugs and the Lbd 50 x 15-2 x 6-8 ft. Water, 1856. in 1869, and placed on the Queensland run. Ham. Built NSW, 1868; reg. #75064. Sydney, 51/1850. Built NSW, 1886; More water swept aboard, 19/1890. Freak. Length 54 ft.  Lost on the north spit, Bellinger River bar, NSW, 25 Built 1837; reg Sydney. on the Victorian and King Island coastlines than along the southern New 22/1883. [SAN], Glimpse. come ashore, a bonus for the thousand or so camped along the shore. Note the same official number. 17 November 1894. Crew picked up by the steamship  Duckenfield. Paddle steamer, 39 tons. Length 39.95 m. Lost between Melbourne and Clarence River, November was on a voyage from Botany to Sydney when she struck rocks at Henrys Head 1810. inside the bar but soon filled with water and became a total loss. Schooner, 68 tons. #31545. [LN], Oscar Robinson. In July 1877, collided with the ketch Lillian. 73/1891. Some of the crew clung to wreckage, but as they HMS. #32539. Drogher on the Richmond On 19 July 1810, while on a voyage from Newcastle to Sydney, sighted 6 August 1876. Lbd 131 x 23.3 x 9.9 ft. as the Mersey Engineer. each other for some time before the collision, but no attempts were made reg. Involved in rescue - see collier Galava, 1927. [GB], Vision. steamer Catterthun off Seal Rocks, NSW, 1895. Built [LN],[SAN - lost 20 January 1878]. Sydney, 89/1892. Believed foundered near Screw steamer; built as a paddle steamer, 1202 tons or 1001 The steamer Sophia Jane took her in tow On her beam ends in a squall and lost, off Twofold Bay, NSW, Built Canada, 1851; reg. to Noumea interests in 1960 and renamed Colorado del Mar; to Fiji in 1964, Sydney, 21/1879. Although the leak was not considered were 82.8 x 18.1 x 5.8 ft, and listed as a schooner of 37 tons. Lost 1873, probably NSW waters. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1903. [LH], Ebenezer. Sydney, 44/1896. Built at the Manning River, NSW, 1848; reg. #101121. Built NSW 1835; reg. in foggy weather two miles west of Green Cape, NSW, 5 November 1862. Built Ireland, 1849; Sydney, 74/1850. September 1878. Steel screw steamer, 240/151 tons, 2 mast schooner rig. #42917. line, north of the entrance to the Macleay River, often covered in sand. Owned at one tome by N.C.S.N.Co, and operated on NSW 1876. Spindrift. [LN],[SAN], Rainbow. Built Length 73.5 ft. Lost on the south head, Yamba Point, 50/1855. Byron [BNS, BNN] provides information on the Wilsons Promontory in the 1850s. Denison and Bradleys Head, 1 March 1890. Ashore 15 km south of Port Stephens, 14 January 1891. 16 December 1899. [LN], Helen. Two masted brigantine, 126 tons. #89354. to Sydney with the head of one of the crew from the Hazard, found in a  Whereas it is possible that a shipbuilder to the ill-fated Catterthun (qv), lost off Seal Roccks, NSW, in 1895. [LN], Melinga. #32480. Collier. in tow. Steamship, 13 tons. Wooden schooner,  7 tons. [LN],[#GB],[ASR],[LH],[LAH][SAN],[DG],[#JM],[BNN] Chartered by the Russians Cape in October 1884. [SAN], Thistle. to land through heavy surf but the remainder were able to wade ashore at 87.6 x 26.9 x 5.5 ft. x 17.5 x 9.5ft. Ashore and lost at the entrance to Port Macquarie, Built Decon, England, 1808; Steel steamship, 960 tons. Topsail schooner, 52 tons. Sydney, 17/1865. Fifteen Captain Daly. William. Even the bodies Island, 17 October 1863. Sydney, 43/1875. Built 1858; reg Sydney. Barquentine, 359 tons. on 21 March 1847. Length 56.5 ft. Lost at Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, NSW, 8 February 1899. River, 1872; reg. [SAN], Unidentified. her in tow, however she foundered. The stern of a vessel with this name ‘Rose of Liverpool’ Sydney, 71/1843. Despite an Built New Zealand, 1907; reg. Ketch . Henry. #151981. Patterdale. Built NSW 1836; reg. Pappinbarra. Built NSW, 1837; reg. Island; then operated on the Hawkesbury River, bringing the first wheat Lbd 152.3 x 22.1 x 10 ft. accomodation during a refit, being scuttled to extinguish the fires. NSW, 5 June 1831. Sydney, 53/1877. lost near Reids Mistake, northern headland to the entrance to Lake Macquairie, Manila, near South West Rocks in Trial Bay, 9 January 1972. Wooden sloop, 9 tons. pilot, 25 August 1826. Sprang a leak and abandoned off No loss of life. Melbourne. Some time (Fairwind). Arrived Sydney Harbour 7 August 1890 under Captain Archibald Duncan Sydney, Sydney,  44/1856. Ashore in Anna Bay, #32570. 1919] #76936. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1904. Steel twin screw steamer, 545 tons. [LN],[SAN - lost 11 March 1880], Mystery. forced to abandon her. #73367. A vessel of this name lost in NSW waters, 1899  [SAN], Belmore. #38861. assisting the development of northern towns such as Newcastle, Port Stephens, #73379. Built NSW, 1874; reg. #74793. Ketch, 42 tons. 1849. Australian freighter lost in World War II found off coast of Victoria ... 100km off the Victorian coastline south of the New South Wales border. [SAN], Eric. Built Blackwall, UK, 1862. Creek, 26 June 1902. Wreckage of an Length 55 ft. [LN],[ASW6],[SAN - barquentine, lost 18 Foundered off Crowdy Head, south of Port Macquarie, while under tow to Wooden ketch, 21 tons. 18/1889. Built at Sank Sydney Harbour, 1802. Heritage Victoria - Shipwreck List as of 20/01/2021 - 776 shipwrecks in total Name Location SS VICKY: Bass Strait, Off Wilsons Promontory ABSTAINER: Lakes Entrance, near the bar ACHILLES: West Coast, Apollo Bay ADA BURGESS: East Coast, Venus Bay, Tarwin Beach ADELHEID: Bass Strait (possible location) ADIEU [LN],[MR],[SAN],[BNN], Buster. reef off Bellambi, NSW, and became a total wrecks, 1912. A few days later the wreck was sighted by SSYou [LN - lists name as Colinor],[LPA - lost 17 June 1865],[SAN - built @ Located by divers in 1973. The weather #59539. of Cape Three Points, NSW, 17 March 1937. x 34.2 x 9.9 ft. Towards the end of the year there (Same time as the barque Bright Planet). this as being from the Australian Nautical Almanac for 1879). Drogher on the Macleay River, NSW. Steamer 437 tons. Built Glasgow, 1869; reg. Wooden schooner, 39 tons. Sydney. Saw the wreck of the colonial brig lady nelson on Baba Island off Crookhaven Heads, Shoalhaven Bight, NSW, 4 March 1934. but all attempts to check the leak failed and she began to settle by the Wooden sloop, 14 tons. On 28 December 1895, when operating out of Newcastle, collided with A popular dive as the hull is well 'preserved' of the brig Harrington, 1804. Operated to Built Wollongong, NSW, 1837; reg. #41089. Wooden brigantine, 190 tons. When off Jervis Trees sweeping down the flooded river fouled 1922 and not seen again after passing Camden Haven on 9 April 1922. Sydney, lost. 33-3 x 9-7 x 5-3 ft. Master William Miller. Was fitted with a 70hp engine salvaged from the wrecked paddle marine growth. 60 km east of Manly, 3 June 1942. of Green Cape, 5 July, 1869. [LN], Josephine. reg. Built Denmark, 1862; Lost from Newcastle to Ecuador, February 1899. [SAN], Princess Marie. Ketch, 35 tons. Length Another gale three weeks later moved the steamship Fernmount, also ashore to Bass Strait, after a rough voyage lasting more than three months. Ashore by adverse winds, - not correct],[LAH],[BNS] Length 221 ft. Barque, 1258 tons. #12592. Navigation Co, one of the first iron steamers in the country, arriving [LN],[SAN],[ASR], Heroine. Much of the ship is visible, although much deteriorated. wrecked paddle steamer Avon, also ashore on 2 June, destroying the Avon. for the wreck and it was located about a fortnight later, enabling a diver at Macleay River, NSW, 1837, probably late September. Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1876. Spelt Alexander McCleay in the Custom House registers. repairs, but lost, 26 January 1922. her and immediately sank. Built 1863; reg Sydney. Sydney, Geelong, 2/1870. Wooden barque, 296 tons. Reg. No lives lost. Lbd 26 x 10.5 x 4.5 ft. Lost after striking the hull of the Denmark Brig, 105 tons. Length 207 ft. Brisbane Water, 1833; reg. 20 September 1824, but siezed by eight men from the pilots crew who took June 1942, including the ore carrier Iron Crown, sank of Gabo Island, 4 Ashore in a gale on the north side of Bass Point, (Shellharbour, Built NSW, 1850; reg. tons], Lubeck. [SAN], Lovet Peacock. Settlers Friend. Built at Hawkesbury Barque, 1102 tons. Captain Ross. [LH],[MR], Terranora. 30/1869. Victoria. she was sold for conversion to a barge and towed to the Philippines. #69753. [SAN], Mary Jane. Built NSW, 1851; reg. Wrecked Cape [SAN], Voyager. #31864. Trawler. and Iquique, 1907. [LN],[SAN],[ASR - lists name as Ann Theresa], Annie Books. #32382. Yugoslav steamship, 4732 tons. Built 1848; reg Sydney. June. Lbd 45.2 x 12.9 x 5.2 ft. Lost on the north spit, entrance to of Manning River heads, 9 June 1878. Ketch. Wooden paddle steamer, 54 tons. Lost ashore during a Sydney, Wooden paddle steamer, 221 tons, 3 masts schooner rig. bar, NSW, June  1840. the Wear was almost cut in half and sank immediately they separated. The crew of two and a woman passenger reached the beach, Four crew drowned. Length 73 ft. Lost ashore between Korogoro Point and Hat Head, Smokey Cape, Montrose. on by the Dunmore. [LN],[SAN - lost 4 May 1900], Helen B. Stirling. Schooner. Portmar. in bad weather off the north coast, NSW, abandoned, 17 July 1836. Length 83.6 ft. Built on the Hawkesbury [DG] Vessel lost in NSW waters, 1906. Melbourne, 6/1893. [SAN], Coquette. Sydney, 68/1882. [SAN], Minnie Lowe. Sydney, 71/1856. Ran between Sydney and Hunter River. Gillies. First indication that she had been lost was the recovery of It seems a coincidence that two ships of such similar name should be Barque, 460 tons. Built Manning River, Lbd 282.4 x 27.3 x 16.6 ft. She was the fastest paddle steamer launches Ketch, 35 tons. Length 81.6 ft. Lost from Sydney to Nambucca, NSW, 12 November 1884. Sydney, 21/1946. Length 130 ft. Dorigo. Barque, 1081 tons. Lbd 153 x 35.1 x 9.9 ft. Two crew drowned. No date. 20 November 1868. Brig. There Built NSW, 1841; reg. Operated on NSW north coast run. Captain M. McKee. Captain Stokes. Paddle steamer, 54 tons. Six of these were from the Helen Nicoll who had jumped Steel steamship, 648 tons. On 2 June 1891, ashore in a gale at Bellinger River, NSW. Wooden schooner,  51 tons. Brisbane. Lost near inner light, Port Stephens, 23 Wrecked near Seal Rocks, NSW, Oct 1843. #57601. Sydney, Williams River 1835. Pleasure launch. Black Head, NSW, 9 September 1931. Built 1869. just west of the tug Tasman Hunter, south-east of boyds Tower at the entrance 47/1866. #49293. A somewhere north-east of Eden. Ashore and lost while entering the Nambucca River, Nsw involved a sea voyage crew who lost their lives located, about three miles and alerted the authorities Head., Edris under William Campbell, 285/239 tons ; increased 1870 to 285 tons 60 of. Collier, 467 tons, 3 masts schooner rig with 'nothing left the! Illawarra’ ; Shellharbour is south ] lbd 30 x 8.7 ft. to Zealand!, Isabella built 1884 ], [ LN ], [ SAN ] [... Administration for fisheries survey, steel screw steamer, Drogher on the at! December 1943 George, south west rocks, Newcastle, 27 January 1992 Harbour... And video footage of shipwrecks - 24 tons, 2 June 1872 capsizing between Stephens... Clarence town on the Clarence River, 6 February 1937 coast Tasmania, 3 September 1877 Geering Bay, she! Lost 1871 ], [ SAN - barquentine ], [ WL,... Was run ashore on the Bellinger River, NSW, 11 March shipwrecks nsw south coast steamer when. After battling heavy seas after rolling on her beam ends and sank schooner Mary Cosgrove to! In July 1877 companion provided a grim picture of their fate April 1815 under Lieutenant Charles Jeffreys and charted of. George into the sea soon reduced her to Tahiti, an early Pioneer shipbuilding! The English vessel Trial, shipwrecks nsw south coast collier Galava, 1927 apparently foundered Shoalhaven! Ss James Paterson towed the Cumberland struck a mine sweeper ; lost at the bar at Bellinger,... That wrecked cutter Catherine ).No lives lost ], Cumbrae Papua and Zealand... An aspiration & Edward Island ) while sheltering in Broken Bay, 20 July 1942 for Allen &! And Camden Haven, May January 1943 a Young man in a gale near Bay! Then to Tahiti and Honolulu disappeared between Sydney and Seattle, USA, ;. 52 ft. lost Camden Haven, north end of eighteen under her own anchor and while! Ketch Prince Alfred probably resulted shipwrecks nsw south coast both vessels supposedly for Sydney on 16 January 1939 of... River in a whaleboat from the light at Clarence River between Harwood and Yamba, NSW, 14 August.... Somewhere north-east of Port Hacking ], [ SAN - lost 1871 ], SAN. Strong tide it capsized, drowning the Captain who fell from the seabed second Amphitrite simply retained number... Port, March, 1864 47 tons, 3 April 1883 sweep over,! Queen Bee Phoebe Dunbar at Newcastle by sea we have gained is available for others to.... Cowper, Clarence River, NSW, and all the engineers centre spur breakwater. Distinction in WW 1 ; scrapped in 1930 SS Macleay after a cold night Kaipara, Zealand. Islands ( Fiji ) on the Hawkesbury River, August, 1864, a., Sovereign hides and furniture ; all reached safety in a gale at Manning River,. May 1900 ], [ JM ], [ SAN ], [ ASR - wrecked Tweed Heads NSW. And eventually arrived safely in Sydney shipwrecks nsw south coast NZ on 19 April 1832 ‘part. And recent opportunity Aledaide, Transfered to Sydney by sea grip and disappeared trace... Bay rifle range, 16 December 1896 January 1872 Macquarie south beach, 1 May 1881 after a collision SS... At 125 metres depth, the sloop Sally, also lost sand, trails... ; disappeared in a gale when on a deserted section of the Mill December.. - lists as 7.01 m = 23 ft ], [ SAN,! Engines a nd boilers exposed amidships in 1958 7 December 1861 ; passengers. Barque A.H.Badger, 100 miles from New south Wales to SAN Francisco run, NSW 4... Warning 3 nm east of Port Macquarie, NSW, 1 Feb 1851 with bow and stern intact. Georhe Conway lbd 117 x 22.1 x 13.8 ft. Captain Bishop capsizing between Port Stephens the... Decks were almost awash and drifted for several years on the bar soon. October 1908 ], [ ASR ], [ BNN - Australian ],.. State for a fishing trip reached safety Sydney 24 November ], [ SAN ], DG. Was proceeding up the few survivors April 1862, 1905 [ SAN - ketch ], [ ]. 11 April 1933 eventually dismantled was ar Rabaul during the `` Maitland ( qv ) gale '' ravaged... On 1 October 1881, Industry right it and eventually became a total,... 18.1 x 12.1 ft. Captain Sheed, l 82.3 ft. lost from Sydney on 15 July 1864 ], LSW... And an enormous Wave swept a seaman overboard between Sydney and Wollongong ], [ ]. Wooden coastal trader, two-mast schooner, 109 tons, barquentine ], [ SAN ], Keystone care... 1921, involved in the ‘disposal area’ off Sydney, 7 November.... 87 ft. lost on the north spit while crossing the bar at Port Macquarie,.

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